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Fitmeals is a new 'healthy food meal producer' where we have combined the skills of our multi award winning chefs along with the Food Science department of Limerick IT, to bring to you a range of healthy meal solutions from our kitchens in Cork.  Our range of healthy Fitmeals, provide meal solutions for clients looking for 'high protein' meals as well as a range of meals solutions for clients that are on weight management programs.

We have worked hard to ensure that our range of meals have a number of things in common.

  • They are all very tasty
  • They are all 'low fat'
  • They are all made in Cork, using locally source fresh ingredients
  • They have all been check in a laboratory to ensure that the claims we make are factually true.

The Fitmeals range is split into two main sections

Protein Based Meals

The Fitmeals Protein based Meals is a range of 4 fresh prepared meals and power pots.  The meals not only taste fantastic but are also can be classified as either High in Protein or a source of protein.  The meals are made fresh and are all 400gm, while the Power Pots are 300gm in weight.

To legally declare a meal’s 'High in Protein' at least 20% of the K/Cal must be made up of protein. If you want to declare a meal a 'Source of Protein' at least 12% of the k/Cal must be made up of protein.

Fitmeals do not use in house software to calculate this: but we go to the expense of sending all our meals to a 3rd party external laboratory and have them analysis the meals for us. So, it is not just us saying these meals can be declared High protein or source of protein but a laboratory.

This is then combined with the skills of our award-winning chefs to produce fresh meals that are packed full or taste and flavour.

Weight Management Meals

Our new range of meals and soups have been designed after studying some of the country's leading weight management programs, have spoken to people using Unislim, Slimming World and Weightwatcher programs , we have developed a range of 'low fat' meals and soups with their guidance.

Our range is divided into three clear sections

  • Soups  - all under 120 K/Cal per portion – packed in 2 portion pots – 4 Products
  • Snack Meals / Lunch – All under 300 K/Cal per Meal in 300gm microwavable pots – 4 Products
  • Main Meals – All under 400 K/Cal per meal in 400gm Meal trays oven and microwave proof – 4 Products

This range of healthy, nutritious meals have been analyzed to ensure that the information that we give you is factually correct. We do not use inaccurate software…but we analyze our range through a 3rd party.

The one thing that we can promise is that the meals are full of flavour and are made fresh every day in our kitchens and are great additiosn to any diet

Some other interesting things you should know at Fitmeals

  1. All our meals are packed in full recyclable trays
  2. We operate from a BRC Grade A Kitchen
  3. Our Kitchen and Parent company are verified members of Bord Bias Origin Green Program
  4. Are meals are available to be ordered direct by retailers at
  5. We use locally sourced ingredients
  6. Our Chefs have won multiple national and international awards 



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